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An often-overlooked component of an insurance claim, usually ignored by our competitors (but not by Concordia Claims Managers), is Additional Living Expenses (ALE). As a rule, policies containing ALE provisions will compensate the insured for the difference between what they paid for housing and food prior to the loss what they are paying post-loss. Homeowner insurance policies will normally specify the amount of A.L.E. coverage available to the policyholder. Concordia Claims Managers has developed a Claims Concierge department, a state-of-the-art assistance program dedicated to our clients when filing their Additional Living Expenses. This resource enables our clients to stay on top of their additional living expenses and receive faster reimbursement because our Concierge manages all of the expense receipts incurred while staying at a hotel and dining out post-peril. The Concierge also ensures that only qualifying, authorized expenditures are submitted to your carrier. Every ALE payment made by the insurance company is tracked, and the remaining coverage available to you as outlined in your policy is closely monitored.

Residents forced from their homes by disasters should remember that they may have insurance coverage in their property owner’s insurance policy that will for rental housing and furnishings while their home is being repaired. With our typical attention to detail, we physically inspect and photograph our clients’ temporary residence before the rental furniture is delivered and after it is returned.  During these inspections we’re looking for any small scratched surfaces, damages or other imperfections existing in the home. We inspect the furniture as well, so that vendors cannot charge you for damage to their property while in your use.  We developed this management program because a Concordia client was once charged nearly $10,000 for repairs of “damages” to their rental home. This is not an insurable expense and we receive no fee for this work. But since this money could potentially come out of our client’s own pocket, we feel that this service is in their best interest, protecting them from unscrupulous vendors and landlords. This avoids any dispute that might occur from a “one person’s word versus the other” scenario.

I Can’t Afford to Live Like This!

Surviving Your Additional Living Expenses
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