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Concordia Claims Managers Gets You from Crisis to Closure

Every 18 seconds a fire breaks out in the U.S. – but only one matters to you! Each year property owners are devastated by fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and a multitude of other perils. The days, weeks and months following a loss can make or break a family.

Although the property owner is usually consumed with getting their life back together, the insurance claim process still requires significant attention. The timely filing of Proofs of Loss takes time to prepare. Additionally, the many meetings with contractors and insurance adjusters can place undue hardship on any homeowner. A solid understanding of the documentation requirements would help accelerate the adjustment process. Similarly, a thorough evaluation of the policyholder’s rights and duties under their insurance contract would help establish appropriate expectations for a fair and equitable settlement. Concordia’s Sr. Claims Managers assist residential property owners by navigating the adjustment process for them and producing more favorable settlement results. Our approach focuses on helping our clients:

  • Understand the claims process

  • Quantify and document losses for Structure, Personal Property, Additional Living Expenses or Loss of Use

  • Obtain timely and equitable settlements with insurance carriers

Unlike the adjuster sent by your insurance company, we work only for you. The property owner needs to embark on a dual recovery track. The first is to focus on getting their family and work life back to normal as soon as possible. The second is to develop a Proof of Loss for your insurance claim. The burden of proof and the requirement to support a claim fall upon the insured and can be an extremely confusing and complex process. Should you choose not to prepare your Proof of Loss, your insurance carrier will assign their adjuster or an independent adjuster (both employees of the carrier) to complete the Proof of Loss as they interpret it. Adjusting a claim this way may cause your claim great harm and you may not receive or even be made aware of the entitlements or the recovery dollars required for restoring your home. Your Concordia Sr. Claims Manager will assist you by preparing, submitting, negotiating and resolving the claim with the ultimate goal of a fair settlement.

Would you ever represent yourself in court without an attorney? Would you arrive at an IRS audit without a CPA? No individual would ever subject their assets to these risks without proper representation.

Once you engage Concordia Claims Managers you gain access to services other public adjusting firms do not offer. With our Claims Concierge service you are assigned a licensed Sr. Claims Manager professional who will assist you in your recovery process. In addition you will receive a Property Owner Recovery Kit and be able to log-in to our system to stay up to date with your claim.

Although Concordia is not a construction company, we do offer to our clients our Contract Management Program. This service is limited to ensuring that the repairs identified within your scope are completed by your contractor without taking shortcuts.

How does your carrier stack up? Find out here.

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