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We’ve Loosed the Hounds on Arson


Very few deliberate acts of violence affect so many people at once as arson. Whether it’s commercial or residential, the intentional setting of fires can destroy businesses, devastate families and endanger innocent people’s lives.

Concordia Claims Managers is no friend of arson. We feel so strongly about this threat to public safety that we've established our own non-profit organization: Fire Dogs. Privately funded, Fire Dogs’ mission is to provide arson-detecting dogs, free of charge, to local Fire Departments for use in the investigation of suspicious structure fires. These dogs have been specially trained to detect numerous accelerants. These dogs, who are officially recognized, badge carrying officers, can detect particles so minute that no human or mechanical device could possibly identify them.

Fire Dogs' Board of Directors utilizes the services of a professional dog training company in Texas, and carefully identifies the location and most qualified firefighter candidate who will be partnered with the arson dog. Once the vetting process is complete, the candidate is flown to Texas, where they will be uniquely chosen by one of the specially trained dogs based on their initial contact and compatibility. This ensures a successful relationship between the dog and the handler.

After their match-up, the pair is given extensive training for the work of arson detection that will become their career. This special couple will return to their firehouse, where they will make their services available to surrounding city and county fire departments, state and local law enforcement and other fire suppression agencies.

Concordia provides lifetime food for these dogs. Veterinary care is donated, guaranteeing that no financial burden is ever placed on already budget-strapped fire departments. These valuable canine assets have already been instrumental in apprehending persons responsible for arson-set fires and continue to be a source of pride for their communities.

Concordia is no friend of arson. For whatever reason: terrorism, intimidation, fraud or attempts to cover a financial loss... we will seek out any arson motive and refuse to contract any such claim. We're honored to play a part in defeating these needless tragedies, a source of grief for so many people.


To date, we've provided two Fire Dogs: “Chip”, who serves in Ceres, California with handler Captain Jeff Santos, and “Simmie”, who, together with her partner Fire Chief Garreth Harris, are stationed in South Lake Tahoe, California.

Read more about Chip and handler Jeff Santos. Watch them in action in this story published by The Modesto Bee: "Work Is Play for Chip, the Accelerant Detecting Fire Dog"

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