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Condos & HOAs

We Know Your Challenges. We Can Help.


Condominium Associations and Homeowner Associations  carry insurance against fire, water damage from roof leaks, burst pipes, weather events, and other types of perils. But don't be fooled into thinking that you can just snap your fingers and your insurance company will be at your door writing a check. Unless the directors are thoroughly familiar with a policy's complex guidelines and time-sensitive procedures, the association risks recovering less than it should, and sometimes not enough to make the needed repairs.

Condominium associations have trusted Concordia Claims Managers to represent their interests by:

  • Reviewing their insurance policies, pre-peril

  • Advising officers of significant gaps or overlaps in coverage

  • Documenting their claims

  • Making sure to meet time-sensitive deadlines within their policy, post-peril

  • Negotiating a maximum settlement

  • Maintaining 24-hour-a-day communication on claim status

In addition to assisting with new claims, we can also re-open past claims. Your policy will define the allowable time element for re-opening a claim, up to five years. Our experienced professionals are ready to advise and assist you.

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