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Markets Served

Do you really want to add adjusting an insurance claim to your daily routine of managing your business?

Rely on Concordia's experience in key industries.


While there are many commonalities in insurance losses, we also understand unique claim nuances specific to individual industries. Key commercial industries we serve include:

  • Hospitality -  Due to their high occupancy turn over, the hospitality industry experiences many more fires than residential housing.  Concordia Claims Managers has successfully managed claims on behalf of hotel owners and other hospitality-related businesses.

  • Multi-Family Apartment/Condo Complexes -  The more people residing in an insured dwelling or dwellings, the more likely a peril will occur.  Concordia Claims Managers is especially helpful in representing this type of claim, as we are able to advise property managers and owners as to a course of action that will mitigate the potential for broken leases and loss of rents.

  • Industrial Parks -  These types of losses usually include specialty machinery and equipment that must be documented properly.  Without our comprehensive approach to documenting your loss, your carrier may question, delay or deny these.

  • Agriculture - We’re a company headquartered in the heart of California’s agricultural community, so we understand the issues that are involved in an agricultural loss.  Farm equipment, crop values and other farm-specific issues must be taken into account to prove an insured loss.  From a small family farm to the largest of our valley’s producers, Concordia Claims Managers is proud to advocate for these valuable producers, getting farmers get back on track.

What is your primary geographical coverage area?


Concordia Claims Managers has assisted families and businesses all across the country to recover from various perils.  Our headquarters are based in the Central Valley city of Modesto, CA and we regularly assists business clients in the Central Valley from Sacramento to Fresno as well as the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are not in your primary area but feel your type of expertise may benefit us. Can Concordia Claims Managers help?

Our Sr. Claims Managers are routinely dispatched all over California and into other markets to directly manage a loss or act in a consulting capacity.  We travel to our clients’ loss areas frequently: locally, nationally and internationally, in the course of “putting your insurance claim together… piece by piece.™”

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