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During the recovery process it seems that most people are searching for an easy way to “just make it all go away.”  It doesn’t work that way.  If you’ve engaged Concordia Claims Managers, at least you know the work is being done and you’re on the road to recovery.  With the advent of Smartphones, many helpful apps have been developed.  We’ve reviewed many of them. Some of these FREE apps have been created by insurance companies.  Because of this, we can’t include them on our web site, since our licenses prohibits us from advocating for any insurance company.  However, there are a few non-insurance company apps that we find valuable and should be considered during your recovery period:

MileIQ: This is the first app that we began regularly using and recommending to our clients. MileIQ accurately and reliably tracks your mileage, making creating a comprehensive mileage log easy.  The log can be edited to subtract base expenses, making it ready to submit to your insurance company under your Loss or Use or A.L.E. coverages.  Use Promo Code: ZZTMB (FREE and professional versions are available)

Tremblor: Do you know your seismic hazard rank?  See active faults and quakes around you.  What’s the risk of quake damage to your home?  Tremblor uses the best public data and methods available.  Available for both iOS and Android phones. (FREE)

The UPHelp Home Inventory App:  Preparing a home inventory before you experience a loss is a huge advantage in your recovery process.  Hopefully, you’ll never need your inventory; but if you do, you’ll be glad you created it.

UPHelp’s app gives you a fast and easy way to document your property and securely store your records.  Use it to take photos and enter basic information to create an organized visual record of your possessions and property.  You’ll quickly build a complete inventory that includes furnishings, artwork, jewelry, appliances, electronics, music, video, book collections… and even record the rooms of your home. Add as much detail to your inventory as you want. There are no data storage limits.  (FREE)



Important Tip:  Don’t forget to file a change of address with the US mail, and notify your newspaper delivery person, landscaper, alarm company, television and internet provider, pool service, house cleaner and any other home-support contractors involved in your loss. If you don’t, you could continue to incur their fees without receiving service.



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Waste Waste Management



Modesto Area:


Gas PG&E

Electricity Modesto Irrigation District

Newspaper Modbee 

Waste   Bertolotti Waste Management

Waste Gilton Waste Management

Water City of Modesto



Sacramento Area:


Gas – PG&E

Electricity SMUD

Newspaper Sacramento Bee

Waste Sacramento County Waste Management & Recycling

Water City of Sacramento



Stockton Area:


Gas & Electric PG&E

Newspaper Stockton Record

Waste City of Stockton Waste Management

Water City of Stockton



Turlock Area:


Gas – PG&E

Electricity & Water Turlock Irrigation District

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