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Large Loss and Complex Claims Require Special Expertise
How does Concordia Claims Managers work with Risk Managers?


As the number and complexity of risk events continue to expand, the task of maintaining a safe corporate environment becomes increasingly difficult. Risk Managers, Facility Managers and Emergency Planners are responsible for devising mitigation strategies for seemingly endless potential risk scenarios that could adversely affect their corporate assets and staff. This daunting challenge has led Risk Managers and Executives to seek innovative strategies for staying ahead of the “risk curve.” Concordia Claims Managers has become an essential partner in many organizations’ Enterprise Risk Management strategy. Outsourcing the management your insurance claim to Concordia Claims Managers allows your company to offset the cost of infrastructure and staffing, benefitting from economy-of-scale by employing a firm focused solely on claims management and risk mitigation. Whether you are planning for an industrial complex, municipality, sports complex, school district or port authority, Concordia Claims Managers is a reliable resource and valuable contributor to your risk management team.

When should we consider calling Concordia Claims Managers?

Ideally, Concordia Claims Managers prefers to have a relationship with your organization before a loss or catastrophe occurs. As a Risk Manager, your job is to act BEFORE peril visits your door, and to mitigate it at every opportunity. The longer you delay, the greater risk your company will face when a peril occurs.

A recent IBM study of 1,200 CFOs in 79 countries indicated that in the past three years 62 percent of all enterprises with over $5 billion in revenue encountered a major risk event. When a major risk event did occur (such as strategic, operational or geopolitical) 42 percent of these enterprises were not well prepared for the event. Studies like these highlight the complex nature of monitoring and responding to major risk events.

Concordia Claims Mangers provides around-the-clock response solutions to help our clients respond and recover from any unplanned peril.



What advantages will I gain by working with Concordia Claims Managers?

Most property damages and business losses will in some way involve an insurance claim. Unless the insured is aware of the newest coverage, carrier interpretations and the complex documentation required for each portion of a claim, it is doubtful they will recover all of what they are entitled to. Post-disaster is not the time to begin an education in insurance adjusting. Not only is the process tedious and boring but your education under-fire could prove to be costly both for you and your employer. Our Concordia Sr. Claims Managers and loss consultants understand the complexities of insurance policies and will work with your recovery team or act as lead in managing and documenting a comprehensive proof of loss.

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