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From Chaos to Control...

We're there for you when it all falls down.


No one expects a life-altering disaster to happen to them. After all, those things happen to other people... Right? 

​Unfortunately, we have no control over most things. Things like electrical faults. Severe weather. Earthquakes. Or even damages inflicted by others. Try as you might, you just can't be as immune to devastation as you would like to be.


​To protect our personal assets from potential peril, we purchase insurance. We call it a "policy", and it supposedly tells us that we're protected. Or does it? Have you ever actually read it? Do you know what it says and (more importantly) what it doesn't say?


Concordia Claims Managers exists for this reason: We aggressively represent the insured to the insurance company. We work for the insured, not the insurance company. Would you go to court without an attorney?  Would you go to an IRS audit without a Certified Public Accountant? Then why would anyone ever give control to a company that both writes and interprets its own contract? Does it make any sense for a company holding the check book to pay out on its own contract without having any checks and balances?

The fact is: your insurance policy is a contract. It tells you what your insurance company will and will not do for you, and it also tells you what you must do if you make a claim. And... like most contracts... it's also filled with terms that you probably don't understand.


Don't think so? Here's a quick quiz. How many of these common insurance terms can you define?










How well did you do? Did you get more than half? You should know that even a small claim is going to include at least 60% of these terms. And if you don't know what these terms mean, you're in no way prepared to negotiate a claim on your own.


We make it our job to simplify your life during one of the worst experiences you will ever encounter. While you handle the important things in your life, we'll handle everything else about your claim... while still keeping you in total control. Spend a few minutes with us and discover for yourself that when you decided on Concordia, you couldn't have made a wiser choice.

Trust Concordia to put your claim together... piece by piece.

We were There...

For the people struck by the Lake County Fires and we we'll be there for you, too.

How does your carrier stack up? Find out here.

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