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Check Your Insurance Company's Performance


This powerful tool from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners can quickly show you what you can expect from your insurance claim before it happens. You can see the number of complaints for your type of commercial or residential claim, as well as how those complaints were resolved. Here's a tutorial for accessing the information from the NAIC site (...we've removed company name). Clicking Review Insurance Ratings will open a new browser window. You can toggle between windows to review this tutorial.

1. Click on our Review Insurance Ratings button at any time to go to the NAIC Report Generator. It's located here and at the bottom of this page.

2. At the opening page:

Enter your insurance company's name

For Business Type, select "Property/Casualty".

Click here to find your company and initiate the report.

3. On the next Company Search Results page, locate your carrier and select Closed Complaints.

4. The Closed Consumer Complaint Report Page lets you generate many types of reports. Select the Closed Complaint Ratio Report. You can always generate other reports.

5. On the Report Type screen, select Homeowner for the insurance type and the Year you would like included in the report. Click Create Report.

6. This is an example of the generated report. It will tell you the Complaint Ratio for your carrier, as well as the National Median of similar complaints compared to other companies. The higher your insurer's ratio, the greater the frequency of complaints made against them and the more likely that you might encounter similar problems during the course of resolving your claim.

A Note from Concordia: If your carrier has a complaint ratio higher than the median average, it's very important that every detail of your claim be filed properly and on time. Carries with a high complaint ratio are more likely to delay or even deny payment of claims due to "lack of information" or "violation of time limits". When dealing with these carriers, we strongly advise that you engage the services of a professional. 

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