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Public Adjusters Helping Lawyers Advocate for Their Client in Property Insurance Disputes


What services does Concordia Claims Managers offer to Attorneys?

Concordia Claims Managers is a valued resource for attorneys to access when litigating an insurance dispute. Our company leverages the finest human resources, processes and software to document and estimate the value of an insurance loss.  Once a clear vision for recovery has been drafted by the attorney, they will possess all of the necessary “Proof of Loss” evidence required to advocate for the client.

Our comprehensive services assist the insured as well as their retained legal counsel in the event litigation becomes necessary. We are subject matter experts in the property insurance claims process and can also be utilized in the appraisal process. Because we routinely handle a full array of insurance carrier claims, we’re uniquely qualified to identify the patterns of practice implemented by various carriers.

When representing a client’s claim, we exhaust all avenues of resolution until the insurance claim is either settled or a denial letter is drafted. If an attorney’s involvement becomes necessary, we ensure that all documentation is in place and that the attorney provided a thorough orientation regarding the facts of the claim.  This smooth transition helps save time and avoids misinterpretations that can sometimes occur when a client unfamiliar with the nuances of the insurance claims process is trying to provide technical information to their attorney. Concordia Claims Managers has even drawn upon one of our trained and experienced Sr. Claims Managers who has successfully served as an Expert Witness for the plaintiff.

When should we consider calling Concordia Claims Managers?

As with any investigation, the earlier that the scene of a loss is documented, the more likely the correct Proof of Loss will be established. If your client experienced a property insurance loss and contracted early in the claims process to work with a Concordia Claims Managers Sr. Claims Manager, your client will have the best chance at proving their loss. They will also avoid common mistakes that can jeopardize their claim while realizing the most favorable settlement per their insurance contract.

What advantages will I gain by working with Concordia Claims Managers?

Concordia Claims Managers leads the industry in insurance claim settlement, particularly in our documentation of these claims. We are proud of the fact that no other public adjusting firm does what Concordia Claims Managers does. We anticipate what evidence may be needed months down the road and we prepare for it.  We’re the only public adjusting firm that collects and documents forensic evidence, procuring samples of debris, soot and particulate. When needed, we test these samples for accelerants, pH, or other critical compounds relevant to an investigation while protecting the sample’s chain of custody. It is better to have evidence and not need it, than to need and not have it.  We document our clients’ loss more thoroughly and accurately than any competitor.

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