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Documenting the Property Damage Insurance Loss:
The Key to Your Recovery
What services can Concordia Claims Managers offer a CPA?


When an insurance loss requires business interruption or forensic accounting work, Concordia Claims Managers prides itself on providing its clients an accurate Proof of Loss.  We identify every dollar that the insured lost on their contents and structure.  Whether the insured was denied coverage, received only a partial payment, or their loss exceeded policy limits, Concordia Claims Managers possesses the documentation a CPA will require to support their audit and tax work or offset any capital gains.

When should we consider calling Concordia Claims Managers?

As always, the sooner, the better!  As an accountant you provide a service to the insured by preparing their tax documents, auditing their business and providing consulting advice. When Concordia Claims Managers is involved early, we help ensure that items and facts related to the loss (which could be cause for later denials) will not be missed. Concordia Claims Managers employs a thorough methodology to inventory the insured’s total loss items and structure damage. We do this in such a meticulous way the insured always has the best opportunity of being paid the most amount of money when our services are retained. Serious Personal Property losses are accompanied by a spreadsheet with all damaged items identified, coded and hyperlinked to a photo or receipt. With Concordia Claims Managers there is no question of having the back-up data to support any claim.

What advantages will I gain by working with Concordia Claims Managers?


Because of our unique methods of documenting your client’s loss, Concordia Claims Managers is in the best position possible to recover any possible tax benefits due your client. We pride ourselves in setting the industry standard in Personal Property processing and documentation. We'll put our expertise to work for you and your tax client.

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