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Engineers & Architechs

What services does Concordia Claims Managers offer to Engineers & Architects?

Engineers and Architects rely on approval from the insurance company for their work to proceed and for receiving payment.  When you have a complex loss, working with Concordia Claims Managers provides the confidence of knowing that your work will be completed and payment made with the approval of the insurance company.  At times coverage can be overlooked by the contractor, leaving the insured exposed to fees that otherwise should be paid by their insurance carrier.

When should we consider calling Concordia Claims Managers?

Immediately.  Property losses and their resulting insurance claims can move in many different directions. Concordia Claims Managers will organize and manage the claim to pursue a path that will be beneficial to all parties involved.

What advantages will I gain by working with Concordia Claims Managers?

The distinct advantage is prompt and proper payment for your services.  Even when insurance companies pay a bill, payment is is sent to the insured first.  Many times the insured doesn’t realize what the payment is for, or they feel these are their insurance proceeds to spend as their own.  Concordia Claims Managers audits each claim payment for accuracy BEFORE it is sent in the wrong direction, as can happen in an unmanaged claim.  By working with Concordia Claims Managers all vendors on a claim are paid correctly by the insured.

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