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Investment Property Clubs

A Partner Vested in Your Security and Success


How does Concordia Claims Managers work with Property Investment Clubs?

Whether your Investment club is focused on residential or commercial properties, your main concern is protecting your property in order to realize a return on your investment. Fire, vandalism, theft and construction accidents are all potential dangers to your property, and these risks are compounded by the fact that many of your project homes might not be occupied as they are readied for sale. Owning multiple properties, even for a brief time, exposes you to increased risk. Concordia understands these risks, and are experts in interpreting your club’s’ insurance policy and communicating the policy options to your members. We take the time to meet with your group and ensure that every member is informed and educated about your claim.

Your particular club may contain many members with individual portfolios, or it may operate as a collaborative investment entity. However it is structured, most Property Investment Clubs’ members share some degree of decision making and profits and have a vested interest in the management of their organization’s liabilities and assets. Having partners can be a plus as long as all partners are on the same page. But when your club is faced with a significant loss, determining how things are to be handled with your insurance company can become a nightmare. Critical Information may be delayed or not communicated at all, creating confusion and misunderstanding. This can have very negative impact on your group, and cause unnecessary delays in processing your claim.

Understanding the coverage for your properties and communicating that information to your members is essential to moving forward in the event of a loss. Concordia Claims Managers has expertise in creating and managing complex communication structures, ensuring that information coming from and going to your insurance carrier is accurate and verifiable, reaching everyone involved. We excel in disseminating this information, acting as a clearinghouse for everything connected with your claim.

We know that information is everything in the property investment business. And because information is so key to our success as well, Concordia offers a unique data provisioning service. Leverage, our risk management product, lets you quickly locate and contact title and deed owners of properties that interest you, retrieve mortgage information on the property and gather vital information that will easily assist you in positioning yourself for a successful closing. There's no subscription requirement, and we offer two level of reports. Contact us for Club Rebates or click here to get more information. 

What advantages will I gain by working with Concordia Claims Managers?

Most property damages and business losses will in some way involve an insurance claim. Unless the insured is aware of the newest coverage, carrier interpretations and the complex documentation required for each portion of a claim, it is doubtful they will recover all of what they are entitled to. Post-disaster is not the time to begin an education in insurance adjusting. Not only is the process tedious and boring but your education under-fire could prove to be costly both for you and your entity. As your loss consultant, your Concordia Sr. Claims Managers understands the complexities of insurance policies and will work with your recovery team or act as lead in managing and documenting a comprehensive Proof of Loss.

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