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Expanding Our Lead 


Effective Partnerships

Concordia Claims Managers Benefits You and the Policyholder

Concordia Claims Managers is an established leader in all phases of property insurance claims management.  While our services benefit the policyholder directly, we also take great pride in our ability to work with property and insurance professionals.  From our exhaustive approach to Personal Property documentation to our technically sound scopes and forensic research, a Concordia Sr. Claims Manager provides valuable assistance to all entities working on behalf of the policyholder.

We have successfully resolved many commercial losses, including apartment complexes, rental homes, residential properties, churches and restaurants.

When multiple parties become involved in a commercial or residential claim, guiding the policyholder toward a positive claim outcome can become much more challenging. Our staff of seasoned Sr. Claims Managers can write a definitive Proof of Loss for the policyholder and make sure the additional expertise required to prove the claim is used for the betterment of the policyholder.

For more detailed information about our relationships with various professionals please visit the following Claim Partners pages that describe our Sr. Claims Managers working with:

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