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Contractors & Public Adjusters – A Strong Team for the Policyholder

What services does Concordia Claims Managers offer to Contractors?

In a word: Protection.  Contractors have strengths and weaknesses.  Even the strongest contractor and restoration company have no protection from an insured that is confused by the many insurance checks mailed to their home.  Often these checks are cashed and spent; later to find that the contractor never received some of the contractor payments due to them. Concordia Claims Managers will itemize, inventory and account for every penny of every check written on a claim.

Additionally, the client typically assigns their rights to adjust the claim to Concordia Claims Managers.  This gives little opportunity for the insured to be introduced to an insurance company’s preferred contractor. We also negotiate the best settlement possible under the insurance contract for the client. This assures both the client and contractor the greatest amount of money to complete a quality repair.

We think of ourselves as facilitators of good contracting work. We handle the insurance claim while you concentrate on getting the job finished. We focus on handling all of the client’s financial needs with regard to their claim.  This means that we secure the proper paperwork and signatures needed to remove the mortgage company from the structure contractor payments. Our claims adjustment resources will help you to quickly and accurately evaluate and file insurance claims, so that you can resume operations and preserve the value of your project.

Our goal is the fair and complete settlement of every claim. To achieve that objective, our experienced professionals provide timely, accurate claims adjustment services to facilities in the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean.

To help address the immediate and long-term effects of a loss, we will mobilize our emergency response teams and designate a team leader to work with your staff to coordinate communication among adjusters, engineers, inventory specialists and others. Our extensive claims resources and client-focused procedures are geared to getting every claim resolved quickly and fairly, allowing you to get your operations back to normal.

Concordia Claims Managers strives to make the potentially contentious claims process go as smoothly as possible, while keeping contractors informed every step of the way, and maximizing the settlement amount available for the rebuild.

Won’t working with a PA just delay my payments?

Most states’ Departments of Insurance have stipulated specific timelines within which payments must be made.  While accurately proving an insurance property loss can take time, doing so actually speeds the process of recovery.  Would you prefer a fast, but inaccurate payment?  This happens more often than you think and additional payments require revisions after being audited and reviewed.  That’s next to impossible when the contents and structure have been removed and all evidence is gone.  There are no shortcuts to the comprehensive process of claims management.  At Concordia Claims Managers we do it right the first time. Even the simplest claims can be handled incorrectly. In doing so, you end up wasting both your time, money and possibly your reputation in the process.

When should we consider calling Concordia Claims Managers?

You should contact us very early in the claim.  As a contractor, you provide a needed service to the insured, protecting their property with a fence and a ‘board up’.  After that, the insured needs a variety of other services which, as a contractor, you simply cannot provide.  There are too many to detail here, but one specific benefit is that we inventory the insured’s total loss items.  We do this in such a specific way that the insured has the best opportunity of being paid the most amount of money with Concordia Claims Managers advocating for them.  This is important, because it allows the insured to focus all of their structure proceeds on their home and contractor, rather than trying to maximize their claim asking the contractor for ‘extras’.  With more Personal Property money available, the insured may even wish to add ‘change orders’ to build a safer and better home, spending those new dollars with their contractor!

When disaster strikes, developers and contractors turn to us for help.

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