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Commercial Property Damage

What type of commerical property do I need to account for in a property damage claim?

  • Equipment / Machinery Claims – We bring expert engineers into the conversation as part of our comprehensive effort to document and prove your claim.

  • Personal Property – Concordia Claims Managers leads the industry in the way we document an insurance claim, especially when contents inventories are involved.  Any document sent to the insurance company, incomplete or not (within their specific guidelines), can be denied payment or adjusted for replacement value at pennies on the dollar.  We will inventory the items correctly the first time while the evidence is available to us.  This is very important, as we can protect your dollars in the event your file is audited and re-audited.

  • Inventories, Stock & Contents – Your stock inventory lists are a part of our solution. Concordia Claims Managers will add to your Contents document, converting it to the proper format for submission to your carrier.Then we track any under-represented payment findings, reporting them  to the insurance company in terms they can accept in order to make the correct payment.

  • Trade Fixtures – Items attached to a structure are (in most cases) deemed to be part of the structure. We correctly classify them, allowing for no unaccounted items.


Your insurance company will assign an adjuster, deploying them to your loss to work toward the insurance company’s benefit. Concordia Claims Managers works for your benefit.


What if the claims representative from my insurance company tells me I don’t need a public adjuster?


The adjuster sent from your insurance company is an employee or representative of the insurance company.  He is trained to make you feel comfortable with his efforts.  This person will advise you not to listen to anyone but him.  The insurance company doesn’t want you to have an attorney, public adjuster or any possible advocate that may cause them more work, or require them to pay a higher settlement.


Would the IRS ever tell you that you don’t need an accountant? Ask yourself: "why should my insurance carrier care who documents my claim?"


When should I consider calling Concordia Claims Managers?

Call us the instant you experience an insurance loss. Our experience in this industry has taught us a very hard lesson: the insurance company can deny a claim or reduce the value of the claim payment for any number of reasons, beginning the moment a claim is called into their office.

Personal property protection, emergency services and investigations are all urgent matters following a claim. The actions you take in the early hours of a loss can negatively impact your future settlement dollars. By immediately hiring a Concordia Claims Manager, you can significantly reduce these risks.


What advantages will I gain by working with Concordia Claims Managers?

Concordia Claims Managers enjoys many satisfied clients, some of whom discovered they needed us only after being offered inadequate settlements from their insurance company.  Property claims require special attention. Our Sr. Claims Managers will actively manage your claim and provide the customer service and proper time investment to document and properly present your claim.

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