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We Manage the Claim While You Manage Your Business.

What types of Commercial Business Claim services does Concordia Claims Managers offer?

Our Concordia Sr. Claims Managers have managed losses in a variety of industries, each with its own nuances. Our claim expertise encompasses the following:

  • Business Interruption – Concordia Claims Managers will compile the proper documents to maximize your business interruption settlement and we’ll be there for you long after the repairs are made… until you’re back to full profitability.

  • Loss of Income – If your policy qualifies, your key personnel will continue receiving paychecks during the repairs and your retail income will continue uninterrupted.

  • Time Element – Concordia Claims Managers will review your goals and maximize your benefits while keeping the insurance company focused on your quick recovery.

  • Contingent Business Interruption – If your business is dependent upon a unique product or part made by a company that experienced a peril and can no longer supply you, your policy may compensate your lost income. We know how to find that coverage and get you paid.

  • Dependent Property – Properties that contribute to the insured's income but are not owned or operated by the insured, for example, hotels.

  • Extra Expense – If you need to re-open for business immediately, this coverage will ensure that no expense is your responsibility beyond the business expenses you normally incurred before the peril. For example: We can help you immediately move to another location and negotiate the expenses required to get up and running.

When should I consider calling Concordia Claims Managers?

Immediately. The damage to your buildings and structures, business or inventories may take on a life of their own.  More likely than not, news services or media companies will be drafting stories or blindsiding you with interviews for which you are not prepared.  Having representation can help you answer their questions and make the right decisions to protect your claim and manage all of its contingencies.

What advantages will I gain by working with Concordia Claims Managers?

You are always in control of your loss. Intermediaries, attorneys and property managers will promise you that they can help. There are some benefits from each, but your main concern should be whose agenda is actually being advanced. Although your insurance company may speak with them, they have no control or real knowledge of how to handle your claim. Concordia Claims Managers advocates only for you, the insured.

Handling the claims process on your own creates another set of issues. The insurance company will normally bring vendors with whom they feel confident working while handling your claim, for two reasons: first, the insurance company representative doesn’t have the resources to fully invest in your claim, nor will they expend the exhaustive effort required to create a work product that will pay you correctly. Secondly, the insurance company representative relies on these contractors, restoration companies and vendors because they just don’t have the time to create detailed documentation as their own work.

The insurance company may agree to pay very inadequate bids, and they may leave out huge portions of payments due to you. The insurance company will also make all payments to you and your lender, leaving you with another task:  persuading the mortgage company to release your money back to you.

If yours is a large loss, there will be media attention that follows you and your staff.  Having Concordia Claims Managers working to have your message heard correctly and in your words can make all the difference when reading about yourself in the paper or seeing your company on television.

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