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Coming Together to Benefit the Policyholder in a Time of Need


Concordia Claims Managers’ public adjusting professionals assist and partner with various professionals and organizations to manage the insurance claims process. These groups include:

Preferred Insurance Contractors & Vendors - Being an insurance company’s preferred contractor / vendor means you will be retained on many losses we may already be managing.  We have always been a cooperative company.  Give us a call and let’s talk!

Municipalities - While cities and counties go to great lengths in developing emergency response plans for their various buildings and assets, very few have the necessary resources to assign full-time employees to navigate an insurance claim when disaster strikes.  By engaging Concordia Claims Managers before a claim arises, your emergency preparedness plan comes full circle, enabling you to respond to every facet of an insured peril without compromising your current service levels or resources.  By hiring Concordia Claims Managers post peril, your Municipality is assured that your recovery is eminent and totally transparent.


Hospitals – Are probably one of the most challenging working environments for the insurance claims industry.  Due to the settings, patients, ongoing operations, hospitals are critical to every community.  Hospital Directors and their Risk Management Directors already face a most difficult task at all times, even without an insurance loss.  Their role already includes patient privacy breaches, diagnostic, surgical or medical errors, hazardous conditions, educating employees about risk liability and new policies and procedures.


An insurable loss only makes their already difficult job even more so.  Now they need to educate contractors and all those “other insurance people” involved in the claim of potential hazards within the hospital.  Concordia Claims Managers can remove much of the detailed mundane tasks in an attempt to bring order to chaos during a loss while still leaving those in charge…IN CHARGE!


For both municipalities and hospitals, Concordia Claims Managers will assist in your mock-disaster exercise free of charge.


Insurance Brokers - Although not an absolute separation, an insurance agent is considered an insurance company's representative by virtue of agent-principal legal custom. An agent's primary allegiance is to the insurance carrier, not the insurance buyer. In contrast, an insurance broker represents the insured and generally has no contractual obligation to insurance carriers, relying on common or direct methods for perfecting business transactions with insurance carriers. This can have a significant beneficial impact on insurance negotiations obtained through a broker (vs. those obtained from an agent).

Because of industry regulation, smaller brokerage firms can easily compete with larger ones, and in most states, insurance brokers are generally forbidden by law from providing their customers with rebates or inducements.

This trust relationship was broken in 2004, when Eliot Spitzer found apparent cases of bid-rigging by major brokers, where the brokers arranged with insurers to provide "fake" quotes in exchange for providing favorable risks amidst contingent commission arrangements.  In 2008, AIG paid $125 million to settle cases in 9 states.  This trust has also eroded over time as many or the larger insurance brokerage firms have now formed their own insurance companies and could have a conflict of interest.


Yet the perception that the insurance broker represents the insured still persists in our society today.  To perpetuate that positive message many insurance brokers have opted to work with Concordia Claims Managers to assure that their customers are provided the best advice and settlements available to them as contained within their policies.  Concordia Claims Managers works with many different insurance brokers offering education, advice and evaluations.  If you are an insurance broker please contact us so that we can demonstrate the many ways we will jointly and positively help your clients, both pre and post peril.

Professional Affiliations / Memberships

Concordia Claims Managers is proud to be active members and associates of the following trade associations and groups:

National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters





California Association of Public Insurance Adjuster

Rocky Mountain Association of Public Adjusters





Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters




United Policy Holders




Windstorm Network




American Red Cross

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