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Community Service

Helping Those Who Help Others



Communities of Faith

We’re experienced with, available and committed to assisting all communities of faith who have sustained arson or deliberate property vandalism damage. Our Sr. Claims Managers have assisted numerous congregations and religious organizations victimized by arson, always on a pro-bono basis. Concordia takes a strong stand in support of these victims. That's why we provide our aggressive representation to them free of charge. For us, these things aren't business as usual. They're personal.

Charities and Civic Groups

Concordia Claims Managers understands that we have an obligation to give back to our community.  That’s why we created and filed for our own 501(c)3 charity, Fire Dogs. This non-profit organization is dedicated to preventing arson by providing, free of charge, professionally trained arson detection dogs to local fire departments.  We’ve also reached out to various community groups and civic leaders, educating them about the role that claim adjusters perform in helping their communities recover when the unthinkable occurs. We’ve enjoyed our partnership with groups such as the American Red Cross, sponsoring their local Heroes event and Volunteer Recognition Banquets. Our support includes groups such as:

  • Fire Dogs

  • Ceres Police/Fire Department

  • Red Cross- Capital Region


Business Partnerships

Our company actively seeks to be supportive and present in our community. As a local business, Concordia Claims Managers is committed to maintaining partnerships and fostering strong bonds with local businesses by actively demonstrating our support. We're grateful to have worked closely with:

  • Local Financial Institutions

  • Property Management Companies

  • Attorneys

  • Investment Trusts

  • NAACP- Stanislaus Chapter

  • Sikh Temple- Ceres

  • Latino Community Roundtable

  • Certified Public Accountants

  • Financial Planners

  • Insurance Brokers

  • Investment Property Clubs (Flippers)

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