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We have the most comprehensive Personal Property Memory Jogger in the industry.

A detailed and comprehensive inventory can take weeks or months to complete. Don't give up! An inventory that is quickly thrown together could cost you thousands of dollars in lost replacement items. We've got the tools to help you thoroughly document your loss in the least amount of time 

Our Memory Jogger contains...

- A complete Inventory Financial Audit

- Over 8,900 unique items in 57 seperate catagories

- All-In-One file organization

- Full accounting for every lost item

- Complete professional staff support in depreciation, RCV and ACV.

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Do you have questions about your insurance claim or need help negotiating a better settlement? Contact local public adjuster, Rolf Eidbo for a free, no obligation consultation and learn how Concordia Claims Managers can help reduce headaches and return you and your family to wholeness.

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