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Favorable settlements aren’t rare. Good advice, hard work and vision are.                 

                                                    -Rolf Eidbo, Founder

Public Adjusters in California


Every year, businesses are devastated by fires, floods, hurricanes, power disruptions, earthquakes, tornadoes and a multitude of other perils that can create complicated property insurance claims. The days, weeks and months following a devastating loss can make or break a company. And the way they handle their claim can determine if, and how well they recover.


Every 18 seconds a fire breaks out in the U.S. – only one matters to you! Losing your home to a disaster is the single greatest loss your family can sustain. Every part of your life turns instantly chaotic while the demands on your time increase. This isn't any time to begin your insurance policy education. Concordia can take the pressure off... and allow you to focus on the home front.


When we say that no other public adjusting company does what we do, we mean every word of it. Discover for yourself the many services that distinguish our company from all others. From our independent scope writers to our total loss personal property department to our client care programs, you will find no equal when it comes to total representation after your loss.

Riots – Civil Commotion – Vandalism

Business owners in California should be aware that most “BOP” Business Owners Insurance Policies cover damages to your business property and contents inside under the above circumstances.  Your policy may differ slightly so it is important that you file your claim correctly not to be denied because of a technicality (small print) at the end.  Broken plate glass may or may not be part of your coverage.

You also may be entitled to additional coverage's such as Business Interruption, Loss of Income or Extra Expense in the event that local officials have closed the area you’re a located within.


Before you file your claim...

allow Concordia Claims Managers to conduct a complimentary review your policy coverages and conduct an on-site inspection of your loss to make sure that you get all the entitlements within your policy/contract.    This service is offered free of any charges or commitment on your behalf.

NEW! What happens when absolutely nothing has been spared after a disaster? Well, we’ve thought of that, so our process begins with CCM’s Personal Property Memory Jogger, the most comprehensive compiled inventory in the industry.  Specifically used for Total Loss victims and proprietary only to CCM, this list is comprised of over 8,900 individually listed items that we’ve found in our client’s homes.  If you owned everything listed in this Jogger, your claim could very well exceed $5,000,000.00. The list is divided into 57 separate categories that might exist in any given home, including lists for Musical Instruments, Holiday Décor, Camera &Photo Equipment, Crafting Materials, Electronics and much,  much more. Click below to learn more about how you can get your customized inventory!

Does your insurance company stack up? Find out here.

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